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Aren’t all relationships overrated?  Are you frustrated in your relationships with family, friends, love interests and even God? Isn’t the level of grief just too great? Hurt and pain are more likely to be the abundant yield than any lasting happiness or joy.  Cynical? Maybe…but it’s an easy opinion to endorse until you’re brought to the realization that life is all about relationships.

In John Tracy Wilson’s new book, he transparently bares his discoveries on building relationships that are life-changing. This book is for everyone who craves the richness that comes from knowing your life has meaning. As John says: “Whether idyllic or defective, relationships are the fabric of life. We are the threads that determine how the pattern of that fabric will take shape.”

He shows us how we can find more joy, happiness and inspirational encouragement, while also voicing a few words of cautionary warnings to heed. He reminds us to once again begin understanding and appreciating what we have. To discover, maybe even for the first time, what we want in our lives, even when others and the world itself, are so negative. If you want to bring more depth and meaning to all of your relationships, you have found the perfect book!



"Of Life, Love and Family" is a powerful book for use in your book club, discussion group or Sunday School and lends itself easily to a six week discussion. Invite John Tracy Wilson to visit your group on the final week to answer questions and further encourage you. Contact us for more details at:
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Reader Reviews:
"I was immensely moved by John Tracy Wilson's insights on relationships in his new book. He shares his personal and painful struggles with the people in his life and reveals what he has learned through these experiences. While I was reading the book, I felt that God was speaking to me about my own relationships. John inspires us to reach deep inside our hearts to rely on God's grace to help direct and heal us to better our relationships with family, friends and our faith in God. It is a beautiful story, both inspiring and enlightening, and it will touch your heart." R. Young

"The message of this book is not only important, it is essential in order to transcend the deception of shallow, temporary and often disappointing goals. John's writing helps lay the groundwork for future generations to expand on. It is my hope and prayer that many will benefit from reading this book and together we will exponentially grow a legacy of love." P. Quintas

"I am grateful to John for his courage and humility. I am grateful for this book, which will reach people in need of a word of hope. If that is you, take and read. If it is someone near you, then gift it to them. As John might say, "Things may not go the way you expect, or even the way you want, but trust that God is present with you through it all and seeks to bring it and you to a place of blessing." Rev. Ken G. Crawford

I wanted to share my thoughts about John Tracy Wilson’s new book. It was very insightful, having so much to relate to about all of us and growing up. I’ve actually paged back and reread some parts often. I don’t usually do that - and I read a lot. I will reread it again without a doubt.” - P. Nelson

"I sincerely enjoyed reading “Of Life, Love and Family.”  It made me think of my dad and the relationship we had.  Just like John describes in the book, I wanted my relationship with my daughter to be a better one. And I think she has worked even harder to have a good relationship with her two children.  As he points out, good relationships take a lot of prayer and work.  I pray that others will be touched as I was by reading John Tracy Wilson’s excellent book.  I have already recommended this book to others to read and enjoy.” Judy Z.
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